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“This book is
an attempt to piece
together a highly
detailed historical
mosaic of frontier times using, as much as possible, the words of individuals who witnessed those times.”

From the Preface





Due to diminished supply, we cannot accept new orders for “Chronicles of the Cumberland Settlements” at this time. A possible reprint is being considered, so please check back here at a later time. Thank you for your interest!

The French and Indian War in Middle Tennessee

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Although most people would not connect Middle Tennessee with the French and Indian War, a small but brutal part of that long-ago conflict took place here in 1759. The British and the French were vying for control of eastern North …

The Life and Death of Jonathan Jennings

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Freeland’s Station

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Every day, countless vehicles move along Eighth Avenue North, past an appealing development of urban housing known as The Lofts at Werthan Mills. Many Nashvillians recall when the massive but architecturally-engaging complex of brick buildings was home to Werthan Bag, …