The result of over ten years of meticulous research by author Paul Clements, Chronicles of the Cumberland SettlementsĀ is a highly detailed account of the frontier history of Middle Tennessee.

Over 2000 historical accounts, many from those who experienced the warfare that raged in the 1780s and 1790s, focus on the wide range of events that took place in the region in the years before Tennessee became a state.

“A cultural collision between native people and Europeans began on the North American continent in the 1500s and has lasted nearly five centuries.”FROM THE PREFACE

From the arrival of DeSoto, to the early settlement of the Carolinas and the developing interactions between native inhabitants and Europeans, to the arrival of the long hunters and the coming of the Revolutionary War, Chronicles of the Cumberland Settlements provides the context for the intense struggle that did so much to shape the future of America. Through the use of letters, transcripts from treaties, and official reports, the differing motivations and strategies of the various Indian nations and European powers are fully described. Over 300 maps show where fortifications were built, where trails ran, and where events took place.

The blending of individual perspectives provides compelling accounts of such events as the river journey of the Donelson party and the Stones River Massacre in 1780, the attack on Freeland’s Station and the Battle of the Bluff in 1781, the Chickasaw Treaty in 1783, the Coldwater Expedition in 1787, the attacks on Zeigler’s and Buchanan’s Stations in 1792, and the Nickajack Campaign in 1794. After comprehensive, year by year accounts describe how the settlements developed, the epilogue reveals additional details and echoes from the distant past, the appendix includes an exhaustive list of those who lost their lives in the long years of fighting, and over 100 pages of end notes offer supplementary information about people, places, and events. Chronicles of the Cumberland Settlements can give the reader an unsurpassed understanding of the early history of Middle Tennessee.The price of the book is $70 + S&H

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